Grama Design

Grama Design is a whole sale company who designs and imports sustainable handmade garden pots.

All garden pots are handmade from the company’s productions in Vietnam, why every single garden pot is unique. All garden pots are produced with focus on quality, craftsmanship and sustainability.

Danish design and Vietnamese handcraft

The Nordic style with simple, clean lines combined with the Vietnamese handcraft with focus on quality make Grama Design’s products unique. At the same time, the Vietnamese productions all have a strong focus on something which is very important to Grama Design – sustainability.

The production of Grama Design’s best-selling product – the choco terracotta pots – is 100 % sustainable, among other things because the raw material – the clay – is dug directly from the rice fields. Furthermore, for the burning of the garden pots, the productions use rice husks, which is a waste production from the production of rice.


If you wish to carry our product line in your shop or garden center, you are always welcome to contact us on tel. +45 8642 3702 or

We do not do business with privates, but we will always help you find the retailer closest to where you live. You are therefore always welcome to contact us on or +45 8642 3702, so we can help you find the exact product that you are looking for.

Marianne, Anette and Hien

Grama Design visits potteries

At Grama Design we have just returned from Vietnam, where we have been checking out all the many beautiful garden pots that are being produced now, so that they are ready for spring...

Holiday closed

Holiday closed week 29-30

Grama Design is closed for the holiday in weeks 29 and 30. We wish you all a wonderful summer and hope that the weather will be great, so that you can enjoy your gardens, terraces and...

Black soil fontæner

New showroom

Grama Designs’ new showroom in beautiful surroundings in Jutland, Denmark, is now officially open. The work to transform the old barn from 1800 into a beautiful and rustic showroom is now...

The old and very slanting floor is removed.

New permanent showroom

At Grama Design we are very happy and proud to be announcing that we have decided to establish a permanent showroom at our home address in beautiful surroundings at Djursland, Denmark. New...

Camilla Sandén

New agent in Sweden

We are very pleased to welcome Camilla Sandén as our new agent in Sweden. Camilla started 1st of July as agent for Grama Design, and will be covering all of the Swedish market. Camilla has...

Welcome to Marianne

Welcome to Marianne

We are very pleased and proud to be able to welcome Marianne to the Grama Design team. Some of you might recognise Marianne, who has previously worked for Grama Design, why she knows the...