Grama Design
Greek pots

We have been to Greece, where we have found the most beautiful Greek pots in great quality.

All the pots are handmade – just the way we like them best. It is locals from the small mountain village where the production is located, who work in the pottery, and who have inherited the craft from their father and father before him.

The pottery is located in mountains surrounded by beautiful olive groves as far as the eye can see. When all the olives are oiled, the kernels are left. All these olive kernels are used as fuel in the large kilns for the burning of pots. This way you get a good and sustainable production.

Using olive kernels for burning instead of gas is not only good for the environment, it also gives the pots a really beautiful color. If you burn them in gas stoves, they often get a slightly orange shade, where burning in stoves with olive kernels gives the clay a beautiful light soft color.

We are really looking forward to presenting our new range of beautiful Greek pots, which will be on stock in March.