Grama Design



In 2002 Anette Gram started the whole sale company Grama Design.

It all began with a watering can

Actually, it all began with a watering can.

Anette had found a great product – a watering can in zinc – which she believed could sell well on the Danish market. No sooner said than done, Anette packed the car, threw a couple of watering cans in the back and went out to sell her watering can. It turned out to be a great success. Everyone wanted to buy her watering can. High on success she drove home with the order book full of orders.

1 million watering cans

Then she began to calculate. How many watering cans would she had to sell to make a living out of it?

It turned out to be a lot of watering cans – way more than what people needed.

There were only one sensible thing to do. Anette had the customers now, but lacked a wider range of products to sell.

Anette has always been creative and has since her youth made ceramics. Furthermore, she has always loved her garden and gardening, and it was therefore only natural to start looking at the market for garden pots.

It soon became clear that she had to go to Vietnam, where they had dealt with the productions of pots for generations and therefore had the right handicraft.

18 years of cooperation with Vietnam

The journey to Vietnam turned out to be a turning point for Anette and Grama Design.

Today Grama Design employs 65 full-time equivalents in Vietnam, and Anette travels to Vietnam at least twice a year to visit the productions and select new and interesting products to the assortment.

Danish design and Vietnamese handicrafts

Vietnamese garden pots are marked by the Vietnamese culture and style with lots of curlicues and lion heads, which has very few similarities with the Nordic style. Therefore, Anette designs many of Grama Designs’ garden pots herself.

The Nordic style with simple, clean lines combined with the good Vietnamese handicraft with focus on quality makes Grama Design’s products unique. At the same time, the Vietnamese productions focus on something that is of great importance to Grama Design – sustainability.

The production of Grama Design’s top selling product – the choco terracotta garden pot – is 100 % sustainable, among other things because the raw material – the clay – is dug directly out of the rice fields and the burning material for the firing of the garden pots is rice husks, which is a waste product from the rice production.


Family owned company

Grama Design is today an import and export company in fast development. The company’s long-term focus on sustainable quality products adapted to the Nordic markets means that Grama Design is experiencing great progress in the Nordic markets.

There is therefore constant development in the family-owned company, run by the owner Anette Gram. Besides Anette, the company also includes the daughter Trine Gram, who entered the company in 2015. Today Trine is partner and co-owner of the company.