Grama Design
Lava pots
Beautifully planted pots in Djurs Sommerland

At Grama Design we have now received the first containers, which for us means spring.

It also means that you will soon find a lot of our new beautiful pots in the garden centers around the country.

Terracotta Sand

Among other things, you will find a lot of exciting new models in the popular Terracotta Sand, which we introduced last year. This beautiful terracotta has the same characteristics as normal terracotta but has beautiful textured sandy surface. Like Grama Design’s other terracotta pots, they are handmade and sustainably produced from our productions at the Mekong Delta in Vietnam.

Beautiful and unique lava pots

The beautiful lava stoneware pots are popular again this year. They are produced like ordinary stoneware pots but have been given a special glaze which gives the beautiful rustic surface. The beautiful lava pots are available in a variety of colors.

Beauftiful new concrete pots

Concrete pots

This year we also present a whole new series of beautiful concrete pots with a beautiful natural concrete surface.

The pots are available in several simple designs that goes well with the Scandinavian style where focus is on clean and simple lines.