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Formland Spring 2023

Formland Spring 2023

Grama Design is participating this year at Formland Spring 2023.

We are looking forward to participating in Formland Spring 2023, which will take place in Herning on 29-31. January.

You will find us in Hall K at stand no. 8328, where we share the stand with Secret Garden, who is our agent in Sweden.

Come and visit us at our stand for a nice chat and presentation of our news for 2023.

At the fair, we will, among other things, present:

We look forward to seeing you at Formland Spring 2023, and present you with our good offers and exciting news.

Open showroom

The summer holidays are over, and the sales for next season are well underway, so we invite you to come and visit our showroom.

Our showroom is open, so if you are looking for items for delivery next season, you are always welcome to come and visit our showroom, where you will find our entire product range. Contact us and we will find a time that suits you.

As always, we have novelties in our range.

This year we have got some new plant tables and plant shelves in assortment. The shelves are made of lightweight concrete and have legs of acacia wood.

In addition, we also have a series of indoor pots in our range. The pots are made of recycled wood and have a self-watering system.

Greek pots

Greek pots

We have been to Greece, where we have found the most beautiful Greek pots in great quality.

All the pots are handmade – just the way we like them best. It is locals from the small mountain village where the production is located, who work in the pottery, and who have inherited the craft from their father and father before him.

The pottery is located in mountains surrounded by beautiful olive groves as far as the eye can see. When all the olives are oiled, the kernels are left. All these olive kernels are used as fuel in the large kilns for the burning of pots. This way you get a good and sustainable production.

Using olive kernels for burning instead of gas is not only good for the environment, it also gives the pots a really beautiful color. If you burn them in gas stoves, they often get a slightly orange shade, where burning in stoves with olive kernels gives the clay a beautiful light soft color.

We are really looking forward to presenting our new range of beautiful Greek pots, which will be on stock in March.

Frost-proofing of fountains


Fountains are great for creating atmosphere in the garden.

However, as we enter the fall and it is getting colder, it is time to think about winter proofing your fountains.

Fountains are beautiful to have outside all year round, but when the frost comes, it is important that you make sure to empty your fountain trays of water, so that they do not freeze when the frost sets in. Place your fountain trays so that they cannot be filled with water during the winter.

If you are in doubt about how to frost-proof your garden pots, read more here.

Beautiful new pots for the spring

Lava pots

At Grama Design we have now received the first containers, which for us means spring.

It also means that you will soon find a lot of our new beautiful pots in the garden centers around the country.

Terracotta Sand

Among other things, you will find a lot of exciting new models in the popular Terracotta Sand, which we introduced last year. This beautiful terracotta has the same characteristics as normal terracotta but has beautiful textured sandy surface. Like Grama Design’s other terracotta pots, they are handmade and sustainably produced from our productions at the Mekong Delta in Vietnam.

Beautiful and unique lava pots

The beautiful lava stoneware pots are popular again this year. They are produced like ordinary stoneware pots but have been given a special glaze which gives the beautiful rustic surface. The beautiful lava pots are available in a variety of colors.

Beauftiful new concrete pots

Concrete pots

This year we also present a whole new series of beautiful concrete pots with a beautiful natural concrete surface.

The pots are available in several simple designs that goes well with the Scandinavian style where focus is on clean and simple lines.

Spring has arrived and the warehouse is full

Spring 2019

It is Friday, the sun is shining, the birds are singing and we have just received the last stock container with spring items.

The warehouse is therefore filled with beautiful garden pots for spring, which will be delivered to garden centers and shops so that they are ready for Easter, when the garden season officially starts.

If you are still missing some garden pots for your shop, we can still send out items next week so you have them before Easter.

Grama Design visits potteries

Marianne, Anette and Hien

At Grama Design we have just returned from Vietnam, where we have been checking out all the many beautiful garden pots that are being produced now, so that they are ready for spring.

Handmade garden pots

The productions in the area around Saigon are filled. Everyone is active and producing beautiful garden pots. All pots are made by hand – a craft that has been practiced throughout generations.

The large kilns for the burning of pots are also filled. All garden pots are carefully put into the kilns when they are dry and ready for burning. Before the kilns are lit up, a prayer is made in the little prayer house at the end of the kilns for successful burning.

Bustle in the warehouse

Grama Design’s warehouse in Vietnam is also starting to get very full. It is therefore fortunate that the first containers of garden pots for the spring will already be shipped in three weeks.

And fortunately, we have our wonderful Danish / Vietnamese colleague, Hien, employed to keep track of everything in the warehouse.

We can therefore already sense that spring is on its way.

Stoneware production 2018

Stoneware production in Vietnam. The garden pots are finished and are drying before burning in the kilns.

Grama Design’s Representaive in Vietnam

Grama Design's Representative in Vietnam

At Grama Design we are pleased to welcome Hien La to the team. Hien has just been employed as Grama Design’s representative in Vietnam, where she will among other things be responsible for the quality control.

Hien is Vietnamese, but speaks Danish, English and Vietnamese as she is married to a Dane and lives in Denmark in the summer time.

In the winter time, which is the time when all Grama Designs garden pots are produced, Hien lives in Saigon. Here she will be responsible for the daily quality control in the productions.

We look forward to the cooperation and to have a representative in Vietnam to address the challenges that can be difficult to take care of when you are based in Denmark.

New permanent showroom

The old and very slanting floor is removed.

At Grama Design we are very happy and proud to be announcing that we have decided to establish a permanent showroom at our home address in beautiful surroundings at Djursland, Denmark.

New life in the old barn from 1800

The work to transform the old barn from 1800 into a beautiful and rustic showroom is now well under way, and we expect to be able to open the doors to our new showroom in May 2018.

In addition to the old barn, part of the old stables from the 1700 will also be transformed into showroom. Furthermore, our big fountains and black soil pots will have their own beautiful space overlooking the fields and the small lake.

Right now it all looks very raw and cold, but in a few months it will be light green and filled with inspiration and beautiful garden pots, and we look very much forward to welcoming both new and old customers.

Beautiful vegetable gardens made of garden pots

Vegetable gardens

Finally, spring is on its way, and a good way to get the spring feeling started is by making your own small vegetable garden, where you can sow the early varieties.

Whether you live in an apartment or a house, it’s nice to have your own little vegetable garden. A good alternative to the raised bed is to make a beautiful vegetable garden out with garden pots.

You can either use a single garden pot, or have a lot of small pots where you plant lettuce and certain herbs that can tolerate the early spring.

Mix and match the variety of designs and shapes that the beautiful chocolate brown terracotta pots come in.

Terracotta pots are very suitable for growing vegetables, as the garden pots are made from natural materials. The clay which is used to make the pots come from the Mekong Delta in Vietnam, and the garden pots are sustainably produced, why you can easily use them to grow vegetables.