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Terracotta pots

Terracotta pots

All Grama Design’s choco terracotta pots are handmade and sustainably produced from our productions along the Mekong Delta in Vietnam.

The clay for the production of choco terracotta is dug out in the Mekong Delta, where the productions are also placed, and where they have hundreds of years of experience with the production of garden pots.

Choco terracotta pots are made from several kinds of clay, which are kneaded together, thereby providing the beautiful brown color, which varies from light nougat to dark chocolate. The color is adjusted so that you get the beautiful brown color.

After the firing of the garden pots, they are coated in order to make them frost proof and ready for the Nordic climate.

Choco terracotta pots

Below you will find a selection of some of our most popular choco terracotta pots, many of which are designed by the owner Anette Gram.