Grama Design
Marianne, Anette and Hien

At Grama Design we have just returned from Vietnam, where we have been checking out all the many beautiful garden pots that are being produced now, so that they are ready for spring.

Handmade garden pots

The productions in the area around Saigon are filled. Everyone is active and producing beautiful garden pots. All pots are made by hand – a craft that has been practiced throughout generations.

The large kilns for the burning of pots are also filled. All garden pots are carefully put into the kilns when they are dry and ready for burning. Before the kilns are lit up, a prayer is made in the little prayer house at the end of the kilns for successful burning.

Bustle in the warehouse

Grama Design’s warehouse in Vietnam is also starting to get very full. It is therefore fortunate that the first containers of garden pots for the spring will already be shipped in three weeks.

And fortunately, we have our wonderful Danish / Vietnamese colleague, Hien, employed to keep track of everything in the warehouse.

We can therefore already sense that spring is on its way.

Stoneware production 2018

Stoneware production in Vietnam. The garden pots are finished and are drying before burning in the kilns.