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Frost-proofing of garden pots

Frost-proofing of garden pots

Freezing water not only bursts water pipes in houses, but also garden pots. When the temperature drops below 0 degrees, the water begins to freeze and expands, which means that your garden pots can burst.

There are therefore no garden pots that are 100 % frost proof. Having said that, the vast majority of frost damages can be avoided by planting correctly.

It is therefore important that you follow below advice:

  • Fill up the garden pot with 1/3 of Leca or a similar material to create a drain. The drain ensures that excess water can exit the pot, so that it does not break in frosty weather.
  • Place the pot so that the drain is not blocked.
  • To ensure that the drain is free, it is important that the pot is raised from the ground by use of pot feet or pebbles.
  • The garden pot is not to be placed in a saucer during the winter season.
  • If you do not use pot feet and Leca, but remove your plants from the garden pot during the winter season, it is important that the pot is completely emptied of soil.
  • If left outside during the winter season, please avoid bumping the garden pot.
  • There is no guarantee on garden pots that have been technically modified (e.g. self-watering, coating etc.).