Lava Stoneware

Handcrafted quality stoneware with colourful lava glaze for a beautiful, rustic finish.


  • Very strong and rustic surface.
  • Available in large sizes.
  • Beautiful Vietnamese craftsmanship.
  • Come with frost-proofing guarantee, if treated according to instructions.

Lava krukker
Lava krukker

Colourful, unique pots in lava stoneware

Grama Design’s Lava Stoneware shares the same characteristics as our regular Stoneware Pots, which are fired at the high temperature of 1200 degrees.

What sets the unique lava pots apart is the special glaze that gives the pot its distinctive, rustic surface.

Lava Stoneware pots are available in different sizes and designs, and you can also choose from a range of colours:

  • Black & white lava
  • Black lava
  • Gray lava
  • Green lava
  • Bottle green lava
  • Brown lava
  • Beige lava
  • White lava.

The Lava Stoneware Pots are, of course, handcrafted and frost-resistant when properly treated.

Grama Design-krukke til Pop up

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