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Sustainable garden pots

Grama Design production of sustainable garden pots

At Grama Design we specialise in the production of sustainable garden pots. We always focus on our social responsibility (CSR), and we place great importance on environment, employment conditions and sustainability.

Focus on the production of sustainable garden pots

We have a number of minimum requirements that all our manufacturers are required to meet. Among other things, we are aware that there is no use of child labour and that the employees have decent working conditions.

In Vietnam it is common for entire families to work together in the potteries, and our producers in the Mekong Delta ensures that there is always work for at least one family member by also keeping the production going during the low season. This is achieved by producing bricks and pot feet instead of garden pots.

From clay in the Mekong Delta to beautiful garden pots

Some rice fields in the area around the Mekong Delta are used for the excavation of clay. The clay is dug away when the fields have been used for rice production for about 10 years, at which point the earth is exhausted. The clay is brought from the rice fields to the potteries, which are all located in the area surrounding rice fields. In this way, the producers make sure that the jobs are kept in the area.

The burning of garden pots is very energy intensive, but our suppliers use rice husks – a waste product from rice production – as fuel in the production. This creates a good and sustainable production.