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Sustainable Garden Pots

Grama Design specialises in the production of sustainable pots in all sizes.

Proper working conditions

At Grama Design, we have a set of minimum requirements that all our producers must live up to. Among other things, we are attentive to ensuring that there is no child labor and that the employees have proper working conditions.

In Vietnam, it is common for entire families to work together in potteries, and our producers in the Mekong Delta ensure that there is always work for at least one family member – including keeping production going during the low season. This is done, for example, by producing bricks and pot feet instead of pots.

Sustainable clay

A fair share of the rice fields in the Mekong Delta area is used for clay excavation. The clay is excavated when the field has been used for rice production for approximately 10 years, as the soil becomes exhausted after these years.

From there, the clay is brought to the potteries, all of which are located in the local area. In this way, the producers also ensure the preservation of jobs for people in the local area.

Furthermore, the pots are produced in such high quality that we are delighted to produce pots which, with the right treatment, can last a lifetime. Even in the cooler, Nordic climate.

Read about our frost-proofing guarantee here.

Kvinder mellem terracotta krukker
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Pure burning in completely filled ovens

A significant amount of energy is used during the burning of pots. Therefore, all ovens are filled to capacity each time, ensuring that all resources are fully utilized.

In Vietnam, our producers use rice husks (a byproduct of rice production) as fuel in the pot production. And our supplier in Greece uses olive pits, which are the byproduct of olive oil production in the surrounding olive groves. This creates a sensible and sustainable production process.

It is due to the heat distribution in the large ovens, as well as the age and composition of the clay, that each burning results in an exclusive selection of sustainable pots, – each with beautiful and 100% unique characteristics.

Shipping and Delivery

As the only ones in the Nordic region, Grama Design have not only excelled in the production of very large pots, but also in packaging and shipping pots in large sizes.

All pots must arrive intact and secure.

Furthermore, we always transport fully loaded containers of pots from our producers. And to ensure the fastest possible shipping and shortest distance, filled containers are shipped directly from the pottery to the door of our business customer.

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