Terracotta Pots

Sustainable, beautiful craftsmanship in the popular choco terracotta.


  • Handcrafted pots of top quality from Vietnam.
  • Made from various types of clay mixed with dye, resulting in colour variations ranging from light nougat to dark chocolate.
  • Frost-resistant when treated correctly.
  • Available in sizes up to 75 cm wide.
Terracotta krukker

Handcrafted Choco Terracotta Pots from the Mekong Delta in Vietnam

All of Grama Design’s choco terracotta pots are handcrafted and sustainably produced at our potteries in the southern part of Vietnam’s Mekong Delta. In this region, there is a rich tradition of pottery-making spanning hundreds of years back.

Choco Terracotta is locally made using various types of clay extracted from the Mekong Delta, and mixed together. The result is the beautiful brown colour that can vary from light nougat to dark chocolate. The colour is carefully adjusted to create the most stunning pots in shades of brown.

Garden pots designed for cooler climates

After the burning, the pots are coated to withstand the Nordic climate, provided that our guidelines for frost protection are followed.

Take a look at our popular choco terracotta pots here on the website, many of which are designed by Anette Gram, the founder of Grama Design.

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