Terracotta Sand Pots

Handcrafted, sustainable terracotta pots with a textured sand surface.


  • Choho terracotta with a textured sand surface.
  • Sustainably produced in top-quality.
  • Come with frost-proofing guarantee, if treated according to instructions.

Terracotta sand
Terracotta sand

Sustainable pots with a rustic surface

This beautiful Terracotta series has the same characteristics as Grama Design’s regular Terracotta Pots but with a rough, sandy surface on its beautiful brown colour. These pots provide a raw yet stylish expression to any garden or outdoor environment.

All of our terracotta pots are handcrafted and sustainably produced at our workshops in the Mekong Delta in Vietnam.

To read more about our sustainable production, click here.

Pots designed for cooler temperatures

The entire series is produced to withstand the colder, Nordic climate, asuming the pots are treated according to our guidelines for frost-proofing.

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